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Web Site Feedback

Thousands of web sites are using SurveySolutions to proactively measure the user experience to achieve several goals: First, regular web site surveys demonstrate to the customer the importance of their opinions. Secondly, web site surveys can reveal behavioral trends and motivations, helping to anticipate and fulfill future needs, encourage repeat purchasing behavior, and improve the overall user or "shopping" experience. Lastly, web surveys are highly effective in uncovering new opportunities for cross-selling and product merchandising.

SurveySolutions offers a number of features specifically designed for web site feedback:

  • Popup surveys, simple single-question surveys, or more extensive profiling surveys can be created and/or updated by the marketing organization relieving reliance on the web development team.
  • Questions can be changed and new surveys posted refining the information gathered as you learn more about your visitors.
  • Action triggers assigned to specific questions can be used to instantly notify organizations of issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Perseus Professional Services can assist in project development, deployment and management of your web site feedback applications.

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