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Market Research

Conducting web-based market research is a swift and effective way to obtain answers to important questions before investing a lot of time and money on a new venture, product, or service. Forward-thinking organizations are using SurveySolutions to produce market research data that guides them in making strategic business decisions. By collecting and analyzing information about multi-faceted aspects of their customers (such as opinions and perceived value, purchasing power, buying habits, demographics, etc), they can make informed decisions about future investments. This valuable data also helps organizations maximize the impact of their communications through targeted messaging.

SurveySolutions offers a number of features specifically designed for professional market research:

  • Reduce potential bias by using SurveySolutions advanced research features including randomizations, exclusive choices, and fixed position choices.
  • Multi-media support for adding images, videos, and other interactive elements to your survey to enhance respondent knowledge of the product or service being tested.
  • Reduce the dropout rate by using advanced table questions that combine multiple questions within a single web page table to increase response rates.
  • Action triggers assigned to specific questions can be used to instantly notify organizations on new and immediate opportunities.
  • Point-of-sale, point-of-use, and intercept surveys are available using MobileSurvey on a Palm or PocketPC device.
  • Real-time results and instant reporting availability, enhanced with multi-variable filter.
  • Perseus Professional Services can assist in project development, deployment and management of your market research application.
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