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Employee Surveys

Conducting employee surveys provides businesses with a candid look at how employees feel about their work environment. With SurveySolutions, employees are free to share their thoughts and opinions in complete anonymity, while management can utilize SurveySolutions' features to analyze responses based on demographic information such as job location, job class, gender, job function, and organization.

Organizations use SurveySolutions for a wide-range of employee research applications including benefits studies, job satisfaction surveys, web-based job applications, exit interviews, retention analysis, and course evaluations, or to simply host electronic suggestion boxes.

SurveySolutions offers a number of features specifically designed for employee surveys:

  • Advanced question styles that support multi-sided tables are ideal for employee surveys, where respondents can be asked to rate both their satisfaction and the importance of specific topics. A built-in gap analysis is available to assist in quickly identifying areas that require immediate attention.
  • Action triggers provide instant notification on employee issues needing immediate attention.
  • Perseus Professional Services can assist in project development, deployment and management of your employee-feedback applications.
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