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Customer Surveys

Businesses can easily track web site traffic, interactions, and transactions through a variety of popular tools, but web logs don't provide insight into what drives customer behavior. SurveySolutions enables organizations to truly understand how customers feel about their organization, their products, and their services. For example, online retailers can randomly survey customers to inquire about buying habits and company perceptions. This information can be used to identify and resolve areas of dissatisfaction, and to drive decisions about potential market opportunities.

In short, organizations use SurveySolutions to continually improve the customer experience, leading to continued growth and profitability.

SurveySolutions/EFM offers a new process for measuring customer satisfaction by providing survey features and functionality designed to enable more effective customer satisfaction measurement programs. Some of these features include:

  • A shared web-based questionnaire authoring environment in a word processing format making it easier to co-author questionnaires with co-workers or solicit feedback from senior management.
  • Survey invitation and reminder scheduling allows advance scheduling for all aspects of survey deployment.
  • Localization support of deployed questionnaires in all major languages including double-byte storage for Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese character sets.
  • Longitudinal analysis and reporting to track customer satisfaction over time based on multiple deployments of the customer satisfaction survey.
  • MobileSurvey can be used in conjunction with SurveySolutions to capture customer feedback at the point of decision using the identical web questionnaire running locally on a Palm or PocketPC device.
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