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Global enterprises and organizations rely on Perseus SurveySolutions to improve loyalty and satisfaction among customers, partners, members, and employees; promote process change; and optimize business growth. For large, distributed organizations in business, education, and government, Perseus Enterprise Feedback Systems help monitor the "enterprise ecosystem" and optimize relationships at every interaction. In fact, more than half of the Fortune 500 rely on Perseus to help them build loyal, more profitable relationships.

The SurveySolutions® product line empowers organizations to get to the heart of audience needs. As the market's only web-based survey application with an intuitive word processing interface, SurveySolutions provides an easy and cost-effective way to gain valuable insight into audience behavior and requirements.

But web surveys aren't limited to customer research. Any organization looking to cultivate stronger relationships with its partners, employees, members, or investors can leverage web surveys. Common survey applications include lead-generation forms, confidential employee surveys, technical support inquiry forms, course evaluations, product-order forms, and opinion polls.

Perseus SurveySolutions was engineered to deliver powerful research capabilities to people in marketing, training, sales, customer service, HR, and other functional business areas. Perseus products enable users to obtain, analyze, and manage sophisticated web-based research without taxing IT resources. Perseus products help automate the process of creating, distributing, and managing surveys, freeing organizations to focus on analyzing results and making informed business decisions.


Perseus SurveySolutions®, the company's award-winning software, provides business users with the ability to easily create, deploy, and analyze web-based surveys. Used by professionals in HR, marketing, training, and customer service, Perseus SurveySolutions is the industry's only web-based survey system with an intuitive word-processor design environment that speeds survey creation and full compatibility with Microsoft Office for enhanced ease of use and productivity.

  • Perseus SurveySolutions/EFM is a completely integrated Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solution designed to help organizations obtain the critical feedback they need. It supports questionnaire design, collaboration, knowledge sharing, workflow management, and reporting — and now incorporates new Integrated Knowledge-Base capabilities that enable organizations to manage their own respondent groups by connecting to existing CRM, HR, or BI systems to leverage existing contacts.
  • SurveySolutions Enterprise is a comprehensive survey system based on client-server architecture. Designed for enterprise workgroups, it offers real-time web-based reporting and analysis via the SurveySolutions Enterprise Portal. For distributed users, the Enterprise Portal provides robust reporting and analysis with the capability to view, filter, sort, analyze and build reports from a browser-based UI.
  • SurveySolutions Pro is a single-user desktop survey application for professional level survey projects featuring advanced survey functionality, multiple deployment options and advanced reporting.

SurveySolutions has recently been updated to version 7. Find out how this impacts the SurveySolutions product family by reading What's New in SurveySolutions 7.







To get the most out of SurveySolutions, or to find out more about how it can work for your company, please see our Research Center for helpful tips.